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11th-Sep-2011 06:26 pm - Wheeeeeeeee


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So how is everyone? This is a Saracgu's blog just a warning :] it may not be suitable for humans. I'm in that ranting kinda mood but cant be bothered to type it all ou, lulz. I'm on my ipod and working on getting WordPress so i can use that to help blog on Kodoku so yeah.

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1st-Jul-2010 12:00 am - First of the First
Haai, this is my first time using LiveJournal. It's basically going to be my personal blog, I've always wanted a blog, never gotten around to it though. I guess you could say the lazyness took over. :p

I guess I should introduce myself, the name is Sara, I'm a 15year old web design. Okay fine, I'm a nerd. I admit it, I know a bit too much about anime in my friends opinions, I also enjoy coding stuff, thats right I ENJOY IT! Yes yes, I know theres something completely wrong with me.

For some reason I have an addiction to 'The GazettE' right now. Some of their songs sound kinda hard rock, and I love that genre <3 The lead singer of 'The GazettE' amuses me, he wears more makeup than my friend and I do combined, and we wear quite a bit. Not too much that we look fake though. :p

I think it's time for Sara to sleep, so goodnight. Tomorrow I shall continue working on my website, I'm attempting to get hosted by Hyouri.org. Hopefully I'll be accepted. :] Wish me luck!
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